terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

sébastien tellier

Sugestão do Monsieur Moustache - ao consultar o seu Moustache Mouvement - onde encontrei, entre outras pérolas, este vídeo para a música 'Look' de Sébastien Tellier. Não será nenhuma novidade mas não resisti a colá-lo aqui :)

Details of your look, like your tights
Killing me by shoot, just in once
Let me lick it, jewel, with your cries
Since days of school, you and I
You did the hook, you did right
Shiny as a jewel, with your tie oh see
Just take a look
In my hands, see darling the moon and the sand
You're on my way...
Just let me play...
Just let me play...

Sébastien Tellier, "Look"

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(n)Ana disse...

Gostei disto! Nunca vi um rabo tão hipnotizante! :-)